📷 Instagram for Business?

Trends we’re seeing in the digital work we do for our clients is right in line with what a Social Media Examiners report recently revealed: people are more likely to follow friends on Facebook and brands on Instagram. It’s where customers are looking for and expecting to find you. In fact, 90% of the top 100 brands in the world are on Instagram.

The numbers {and my hips} don’t lie:

Why Instagram is winning in the B2C market? It’s more mobile than a blog post, has more depth than a snap on Snapchat, more visuals than Twitter, more words than Pinterest, and the Insta-party is growing quickly. Since its purchase for $1 billion by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has grown from 30 million users to 500 million +.

Its increasing popularity is an opportunity to increase your profitability because Instagrammers are shoppers: 41% follow or would follow brands to take advantage of perks and giveaways and over 1/3rd have used their smartphones to purchase a product online.

There’s no better time for your business to engage on this powerful app than now. Let us know if you’d like us to get you set up and rolling with top-quality content.