The arts are a more secure career than the sciences — here’s the proof.
Jeff Goins

I appreciate this, Jeff, but let’s talk about this point:

“The starving artist waits to be noticed. 
The thriving artist finds patrons.”

There is so much suggested here: that the thriving artist be comfortable selling herself, or putting herself out there in the way that the modern world requires, ie. sharing her work in public spaces. And that there is a willing patron on the other end!

I can’t even begin to describe how much one has to detach themselves from their work in order to even put themselves out there in such a way, which often works directly against the very nature of good art as something that is deeply personal — difficult for the artist to talk about, let alone “sell”.

Rather than putting so much of the onus on the artist, let’s talk about how to be a patron and supporter of the arts. Clearly our culture struggles with this and one need only look to music streaming services to see.

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