Brown Beauty Gurus Who Are Shaking the Internet | miss maanasa blogs

If you don’t already know who these beauty gurus are, you will now! There are so many brown badasses who are changing the industry and need to be followed. Some of these women are not only changing the beauty industry, but also stepping into different industries and spreading their influence. There are some powerful brown women who are making some outstanding differences and we need to follow them on their journey!


Deepica Mutyala from Texas is changing the beauty industry as we speak! My fellow Telugammayi created a brand called Live Tinted for women of all colors. Her vision is to completely change the beauty industry by making amazing products that cater to all different skin types and by giving every woman the confidence she needs. She has worked with so many different beauty influencers to create the best products. She is the realest person ever and I can’t wait to see how popular her movement becomes! #LiveTinted You guys should definitely check out her website:


Diipa Khosla is a beauty influencer from Amsterdam who just launched her Red Dot Challenge with @unicefindia. She wants to break the taboos around menstrual health and empower women in India. She is using her following and platform for such a great movement, and we definitely need to follow her on her journey to change the stigma. She will also be in India for a while, so she will be blessing our feeds with a lot of culture and her campaign for female empowerment. Follow her movement on instagram called @post.for.change!


Laiba Zaid from Toronto is not only a beauty guru, but also a fitness coach! She does fat loss programs with her followers and often posts about fitness on her instagram. She definitely promotes women in lifting, as she is constantly seen lifting weights and doing pull ups. She encourages her followers to stay fit and be happy which is motivation we all need. She posts fitness videos on her account as well as Laiba keeps it real and is a great beauty guru to follow!


Farah Dhukai is a beauty guru from Toronto who is always posting unique and crazy beauty hacks. You probably recognize her from @hudabeauty reposts. She’s always experimenting and finding ways to help us with our skin care and hair growth. She introduces natural ways to look beautiful without using harmful chemicals. She posts soooo many different tutorial videos that address a wide variety of beauty hacks. If you want to learn different ways to grow your hair or get clear skin, you should definitely give Farah a follow!

If you know any other brown beauty influencers worth giving a follow, put their names in the comment section below!