My Editor’s In A Financial Crisis. Here’s How You Can Help

Hire Alex Gabriel - he’s amazing.

On his own blog, Alex writes about “religion and how to leave it, popular rhetoric and political dissent, secular, nerd and LGBT cultures, sexuality and gender or whatever else comes to mind”. If you haven’t read it already, it’s fantastic and you should.

He’s also awesome at graphic design. Here’s an example of a logo he recently designed, along with an explanation of the thought process behind it.

On a personal note, he’s my editor and he’s incredible. Were it not for him, not only would my blog not exist in the first place but my writing would be nowhere near as good as it is. Alex has read through countless drafts of my work, edited them in detail while ensuring they maintain my voice, and helped my first article go viral. He’s easy to work with, an excellent editor and — as I say here — someone I couldn’t recommend more highly.

At the moment he’s in a financial crisis. Read about how you can help him here.