A letter to teachers

After highschool I learned one thing. Don’t count on the teachers to learn about a subject, count on yourself. I understand that teachers are human beings but why are some teachers? Did they realize that plan A wasn’t going to work out.When plan B would..“I guess I’ll be a teacher..then.”

If your a teacher now, reading this and can relate to the paragraph above. You shouldn’t be a teacher.

The right teacher can be a precious gift to student. One that believes they’re students can succecd with a little help and direction. A teacher who can relate to the stuggel of learning a new subject. Not a teacher, who teaches to make an income.

Our school systems right now, are not the best and could be better. The teachers are the ones that can affect the school system. Teachers are the ones who affect the future of their students. Yes, the teachers not the higher ups. Not even the students, who would listen to kids and teenagers anyway?

The best teachers are the ones who take time out of their day. To patiently help students who were brave enough to ask for help. Taking time to teach their students until a better understanding of a subject.

I don’t think teachers realize how important they are. They have so much power! They decide what information they give to their students. Holy cow!!! You can persade students to your own thinking! You can let students know how important education is. Just by how you teach it.

If your a teacher and not happy with your job. That affects your students learning(me). I can tell when you don’t love your job. I can see and feel the difference, in the way you act and help your students.

Please. Be a teacher who inspires your students, not a person who needs a job.