Being a “terrible teenager” in a world of techknowlgy..

I’ve never cared for techknowelgy. I’ve even been call a terrible teenager for it.My boss said “if I was grading you on being a teenager I would give you an F.” One thing my boss noticed before I did, is I barely use my phone when it comes to communication. Oops?

My friends can’t understand when I lose my phone. I’m okay with it I usually find in my coat pocket anyway. Unlike them my life is not my phone. They go in a panic attack of deperastion. “omg! Where’s my phone? Did I leave it at your place? Hurry let’s go back quick!”

Here’s me “ Well that’s a bummer..umm I think I left my phone at your house..?”

The sad thing is that the only reason when I use any source of technowlgy is when I feel alone. I realize I have this problem so now I go talk to other human beings! If your a teenager always saying “I hate people”...then you probably hate yourself and that isn’t good! GO BE SILLY! Go be like Jim Carrey! Why not?!?

I don’t want to remember my life as. I picked up my phone ever 30 mins just to see what’s going on out in the world. I’m usually wasting my time scrolling on my Facebook wall, not really connecting with people that way either.

I want that sense of wonder and adventure. I feel people believe that life is.. you work, you eat, you sleep and do it all over again. But there’s a lot of stuff in between if your not staring at your phone and if you only have to work, eat and sleep. That’s a pretty simple life..not even that complicated!

I just hope one day..people can understand that being a “terrible” with techknowlegy isn’t a bad thing after all.