Everywhere I go, they stare. Faces lit when looking down. Tightly holding a screen in there hands.

I say “I will never be like them.” Hearing a beep in my pocket I take out my device. My face lit, looking down tightly holding a screen in my hands.

I want to change this habit of mine. I try and try again. Slowly realizing how alone I am. I stare into a screen hoping it will turn into a old friend, that could make me feel like a child again. Isolation is now my friend, but when I feel alone I take out my phone again..and again.

My addiction is growing. My friends are addicts too. But they feel alone, I never knew. I still barely remember what it was like to run and play. Those are the days I wish to come back. When neighborhood kids gather to play tag.

We are to old now. People judge you for doing stupid things like that. So now I grab my screen never looking back..hoping everything would just go back.