The Benefits to Sketching by Hand

  1. Gets ideas out quicker
    Sketching is the ideal tool to use during your ideation phase as quickly and effectively document a series of ideas.
  2. Allows you to easily develop the foundations of a concept
    Hand sketching gives you the ability to see the project for a holistic point of view. There is no need to get bogged down with specific details if your aim is to develop a concept or general flow.
  3. Sketches gets an idea across democratically
    Sketches are a democratic and interactive way of presenting your design. Because perfection is not required stakeholders and non-designers can easily understand your idea, and may even encourage them to work with you.
  4. Quicker iterations and mistakes allowed
    Ideas and concepts can develop a lot quicker if you allow for iterations and mistakes to happen earlier. Hand sketching is the perfect medium for this.
  5. It is clearly a work in progress
    Sketches are clearly not the end product. This means when you want to explain something through sketches there will be less fixation on the finer details. Hand sketches also provide a platform for collaboration with designers and non-designers.
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