Why Fonts Matter | Book Review

Fonts can affect our sub-conscience; they can take us back to our favourite childhood memories as well as appeal to our personalities and ambitions. Sarah Hyndman discusses all of this and more in her book ‘Why Fonts Matter’.

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‘Why Fonts Matter’ by Sarah Hyndman | Image credit

Sarah Hyndman is a seasoned graphics designer, founder of Type Tasting and type expert. Sarah is known for her interest in the psychology of visual communication and her passion is clear to see in Why Fonts Matter.

The evocative nature of fonts are looked at in their various guises; starting with the question “Do they really matter?”. Later the book looks at the moods and qualities that fonts can conjure; as well how these can persuade us to buy into a brand or watch a movie.

Why Font Matter is a highly visual and interactive book that gave a wonderful overview of how fonts can be used to manipulate our emotions as well as guide us into making decisions. Sarah breaks down the history of some of the best loved fonts and covers and general history of typography.

Although the technicality of typography is covered in this book, it is not inundated with terminology that might otherwise be intimidating. Instead it deals with the human aspect of fonts and tells us stories through type.

Why Fonts Matter is by Sarah Hyndman; it was published in 2016 by Virgin Books. Check out the official site or Twitter account for Type Tasting.

Buy Why Fonts Matter for your Kindle or as a paperback on Amazon.

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