We’ll take it from the world

Come and find a tree with me
And take it by the root
Pull it toward the sky unseen
The ground but ash and soot

The first breath the bark does gasp
The wheeze the leaves release
Is final and will not last
We take it from the trees

Come and find a lake with me
Bury in it our waste
Don’t drink from it or the sea
Shores rotten from the taste

Waters rung out in our hands
Evaporates, forsakes
And with that it dries the lands
We take it from the lakes

Come and find a world with me
Far reaching and beyond
Ours is but a shriveled weed
The home we loved is gone

We’ll go to one like our own
With new life yet unfurled
And when we cut it to the bone
We’ll take it from the world

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