Fly away | Time away

To fly away, that moment of take off, when there’s nothing else left to be done, but to see what there is to see. Soaring over clouds and setting sun, wings to the wind.

To land, and like a fresh babe, put one foot in front of the other, take in the old town, the beauty, steeped in history.

To commune with the ancients, their gods, myths and dreams, and smarts too. Sense that distant lineage for a moment.

Take in the color of life on the streets. A mural, a parade through time, the swish of a broom as it cleans. The sun, happily saturates everything, making it deeper, brighter, more resonant in its glare.

Just a few days ago you were worn out, and sad. Now in this place, there are blessings in abundance, art and inspiration, and the un-flapping butterflies connect a Noguchi to a Frida.

Soon it is night, and time to return to the neon. A sign screams Cochinita Power, an indoor forest beckons in artificial blue.

(I turned another year old, all alone in Mexico City last week, it feels like a dream of a dream)

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