NYC: Just one big oddball family on a subway sofa!

Roz Chaste is the quintessential New Yorker comic (even if she has retreated to Connecticut these days, she still, gets us). Earlier in the year there was a retrospective of her work and as part of the exhibition Roz was commissioned to produce a mural of her Subway Sofa over a weekend. The Subway Sofa is a testament to the amount of time New Yorkers spend commuting on the train, going from borough to borough, and well, just how intimate and squeezy it all can be. And then you get home, where, your tiny overpriced 6th floor tenement era walk-up with no modern facilities to speak of is, yikes, just as squeezy. New York City can be suffocating at times, pretty weird, and a little overwhelming, but it’s also a unique joy to live here, and I feel that this mural really captures that feeling.

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