Both Political Parties Are Stealing their Party’s Nominations

The People’s Votes Mean Nothing (and the Federal Reserve’s influence on Elections)

Missouri 2016

It’s been made no secret that I am not a fan of any of the 2016 choices for President. Not one of them. Whether your want extreme narcissism, crony capitalism and potentially fascism (Trump), wrongheaded socialism and questionable solutions (Bernie) and lastly corrupt, extremely dishonest and incompetent (Hillary), they are all pretty much the worst possible candidates. I decided after a recent event in the GOP primary (discussed below) that it’s time to pull the cord on all of this bullshit and vote for the Libertarian candidate. Perhaps I am “throwing my vote away”, but I am no longer convinced that either of the two major political parties are anything but sworn vassals for the banking cartel which controls the actions of the real shadow government (where the will of The People is not even an afterthought). From a high level, my analysis of the current state of the U.S.A. and its 2016 presidential election is:

  • Deeply indebted (both individually in society and in our institutions from Federal to State to Local to the business world) with stagnant or declining incomes for the masses
  • Angry at politicians, business “leaders”, Wall Street and any establishment that appears to be promoting or tolerable of the current state of income inequality
  • Deeply divided, with theories and suspicions unproven and paranoid in nature coming from the major culturally divided camps among us vying to win their little proxy battles in both the media and in policy (when the real prices is far from any of their grasps)
  • An open denial and attempts to distract The People with immaterial or unsolvable issues instead of focusing on the core of the problems that caused us to be where we are
  • A complete lack of consensus among The People as to what is to be done to address these problems

In addition, the current state of the U.S. election is as follows:

  • Voters are so tired of moderation in solutions (de facto status quo support) and wishy washy liar politicians that they are willing to take a chance with a socialist or an ego driven narcissist/sociopath
  • Cruz and Hillary represent the Goldman Sachs vote, status quo Federal Reserve/Big Bank corruption dating back to 1913 when the Federal Reserve was founded and surely before that given the histories of banker seizing control of money supplies and destroying countries with this power (see basically all of European history since the bankers rose to prominence funding States till they collapse from too much debt)

The salient point to me is this: Voters are engaged in a protest vote against the ethically and morally bankrupted Establishment. They literally don’t care anymore about the negative outcomes as they view any change as better than the status quo of banker-controlled Presidents that we have seen for at last two decades if not a century or more.

The powers that be (bankers and wealthy elites, typically the same people) win by keeping society divided. They learned this lesson a long time ago through their manipulations in Europe. They have lost the support of The People, who are starting to see reality as it is, so they are now fully engaged in the suppression of both political party’s nomination processes. How? Note the following situations by major Establishment candidates:

Pro-Hillary (Goldman Sach/Federal Reserve’s Candidate)

  • The obvious favoritism by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the Chair of the DNC, through the capping of the number of debates and the scheduling of debates at times when most younger voters won’t be watching (like a Saturday night)
  • Hillary’s machine owning a huge percentage of the Super Delegates going into this contest
  • The DNC primary/caucus system itself favoring her with the splitting of delegates even if Bernie “wins” a State
  • A fawning media who suppressed information challenging Clinton’s supremacy in the contest and promoting her messaging and agenda while contrasting attacks on Bernie

Pro-Cruz (Goldman Sachs/Federal Reserve’s Candidate)

  • His wife worked at Goldman Sachs for years, that’s ding #1
  • He is known for a series of dirty tricks to win elections (ex. Claiming Carson was dropping out to drive his voters down to increase his showing in Iowa), smudging his
  • The Colorado primary/caucus voted to not have the election and to instead hand all delegates to Cruz
  • The media’s attack on Trump (some criticism surely legitimate) and relative softball approach to Cruz (ex. presenting the allegations of his affairs as a smear with no legitimacy from the beginning)

Pro-Establishment Federal Reserve (owned by the major banks) & Current Executive

  • More evidence of supporting the stock market during a technical recession, The Fed Chairwoman had a call on February 11th and 12th with the Bank of England and the European Central Bank heads, respectively, and the markets subsequently rose from what was turning out to be a big market decline, sure to ultimately affect the 2016 election if allowed to continue unabated
  • The Fed met with Obama on April 11, 2016 in an “emergency meeting”. We are currently in a commodities recession, which has historically resulted in an overall recession. By the Fed keeping interest rates low and continuing to feed the money supply, they are implicitly supporting the status quo and by default a Hillary Clinton win. Both Bernie and Trump have questioned heavily the Fed’s role in politics and the economy.
  • Yellen is a UC-Berkeley former professor who surely shares the central planning objectives and theories of that wing of Economics: views held by the current Democratic Party establishment in both Obama and Hillary
  • As mentioned above, the Fed is ultimately a political entity and is acting to defend its existence in the face of the protest candidates (Bernie and Trump) calling for greater oversight of the entity and analysis of what value it adds to The People and The Elites (hint: the value goes to the Elites)

Realize that the Federal Reserve’s own power and existence is guarded closely by pro-Fed/pro-Establishment supporters in politics. They do not want upstarts who want to audit the Fed. With a country and People deeply in debt and growing worse every month, a dollar that has lost 95% or more of its purchasing power since the Fed was founded, wealth inequality so unnaturally high in a modern economy, the creation of bubbles that burst and the political corruption tied to its efforts, The Fed is under scrutiny from the Right and the Left right now and it is surely in survival mode and willing to do anything to retain its power and influence. Remember: the Fed is the banks. The banks own the Fed. What the Fed does is what the big bankers want.

For the record, the solutions of both of the protest candidates are not true solutions to me. They are band-aids that fail to address the mighty fall our country has had from its founding principles, the core of the problem. We sold our souls to bankers in 1913 who promised solutions of stability and intelligence in monetary matters that never came to pass but that did make the wealthy wealthier at the expense of the lower and middle class. Until we are ready to take on these bankers and still support an economic mechanism that looks like capitalism with restraints, not what we have now nor have we had since at least 1913, we will continue to be at the mercy of these corrupt bankers and their bought and paid-for politicians.

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