Two Corrupt Choices

Once again, most Americans don’t love their choices for President

Here we are again. Another election year, another group of choices that are not satisfactory to the majority of Americans regardless of their Left, Right, Moderate or Other political affiliation. The issue is corruption, and both of the likely party candidates, Hillary or Donald, are not honest figures. They are both either billionaires or backed by billionaires. No matter what your political affiliation, you should be unhappy, as your choices are manufactured ones who are deeply ingrained in the corruption of the DNC or the RNC, both of which, most thinking, rational and non-partisan tied individual will readily acknowledge and identify. Below is a brief analysis of both of our political party “choices” and the problems with them both:

Donald Trump

  • First off, Trump is NOT a Conservative and he is certainly NOT a Libertarian. His history has been largely tied to the Clintons and a sort of pro-crony capitalist embracement of whatever political party helps further his interests (and in NY State, we know that is all Democrats).
  • He has a history of business dealings that involve real estate, that by nature means government buy offs and at the very least the smell of corruption. He is pro eminent domain via aggressive interpretations that serve the wealthy and not the people or the individual landowners.
  • He has openly acknowledged playing politicians in the past to further his agenda.
  • His personal history with women leaves voters wanting. While he addresses directly and unapologetically issues with immigration and racial concerns that anger a large portion of society, he does so in ways that seem over-the-top, bigoted and discriminatory. We do have immigration problems and they do need to be addressed and while one party is likely oblivious to these issues, the other is anti-immigration to the point of absurdity.
  • He does not come across as a compromising individual and he is considered a jerk by a large portion of America. He seems to be throwing red meat at the angry in the country (not all Republicans, but many an Independent and some “liberals” as well) in an attempt to get elected.

Hillary Clinton

  • Where did she come from? Oh, yeah, she’s Bill Clinton’s wife. Just what we need, more legacy political royalty in American politics (see Bush family).
  • Her history defending women when it is close to her (read: Clinton’s sexual conquests and alleged rapes) is lacking.
  • Her decisions while Secretary of State are questionable and involve some potential failures to secure “top secret” information as well as at the very least being a bit duplicitous with the American people on the events that transpired in Benghazi.
  • Let’s include in above the Clinton Foundation donations in exchange for political influence questions that sure seem fishy to this observer.
  • She wreaks as a political opportunist willing to say whatever she needs to say to get elected.

So let’s talk about the alternatives each party has as backups: Bernie Sanders for the Democrats and Ted Cruz for the Republicans.

Bernie Sander

  • He is likely the most HONEST of all candidates. Honesty does not make you the most qualified or well suited for the job.
  • His rise has mostly been on the heels of the acknowledgement by Democrats, “Progressives” and so-called Liberals that Hillary is so corrupt they can’t back her. Not a resounding endorsement of someone’s credentials.
  • He is a socialist. We can talk about the difference between “Democratic Socialism” all day long, he IS a socialist. He wants government bigger and more controlling over our lives. That is not the direction a lot of people want to go in the country, including a lot of Independents and some folks that are socially liberal but fiscally conservative.
  • If we end up in a war or some really bad situation as a country, you have to be out of your mind to think that Bernie is the guy you want in charge leading us to a victory. He’s just not that guy. He’ll avoid war to the point of absurdity before he’d be a strong aggressive and successful leader in bad times. If you’ve not noticed, the world has become more dangerous lately.

Ted Cruz

  • Ted displays some Libertarian minded ideals, but he’s a religious evangelical. I have nothing against the religious (as some do, immaturely in my mind) but they do tend to like to dictate things that should likely fall under a secular consideration, not a religious one. This narrows his likability dramatically by the secular crowd on the Left and some portion on the libertarian minded Right.
  • He has a history of not getting along with others in Congress, including his own political party. This might be a good thing in Congress, but as an Executive, one needs to know how to compromise. Arguably, the last eight years has not involved much compromise form the Executive.

Folks, the problem is this simple: Jeffersonians vs. Hamiltonians. When this United States of America was formed there were two major factions (they were not yet political parties with agendas): the Jeffersonians, following a more Libertarian (from a modernists viewpoint) agenda of small government and decentralization, individual rights, free money (not big bank/big government controlled and manipulated fiat dishonesty) and what should rightly be called truly LIBERAL, unlike some of the folks that claim that handle today but seek to control everything vs. the Hamiltonians. Who are the Hamiltonians? They support centralized government controls, a close relationship between government, banking and industry (read: corruption), a powerful executive and the marginalization of Rights if the government elites sees fit. Unless you are corrupt, dishonest or ignorant, you are a Jeffersonian. Most people in this country are Jeffersonians. It’s often described as economically conservative and socially liberal. This is a complete mischaracterization of history as Classical Liberals were both of these: let the government keep its hands off our money and our freedoms. Most Americans believe in that premise but fall down when asked to decide between one or the other political party, both of which due a poor job being Classically Liberal.

Guess which Political Party today represents the legacy of the Jeffersonians? Absolutely none. Arguably one is better in one realm and the other in another, but they are both firmly in the Hamiltonian pocketbooks and will be until WE THE PEOPLE demand better. A lot fucking better.

Living in a Red State, I think I might not vote this time around. It is a conscience buster for me to vote for any of these jokers at this point and I take my conscience seriously.

Missouri (pronounced “Missoura’”)

Post Script: I am not trying to make the partisans happy with this analysis. The partisans ARE the problem if they can’t acknowledge the above, or at the very least, the public’s perceptions of above. I am speaking to what I believe are the MAJORITY of citizens of the U.S. who know our choices are terrible and can’t rally behind a terrible choice…one AGAIN.

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