5 Ways to let go of comparisitus

It’s human nature to compare ourselves with others, even more so with the rise in technology. From instagram’ing our every meal, tweeting the latest trends, sharing our ‘moments’ on Facebook or Snap chatting our daily story, many of us spend our days either creating content or hoping to receive validation from it.

This constant need to receive likes, shares and re-tweets can subconsciously cause us to compare our lives with others and create feelings of envy when looking at others seemingly perfect lives.

If you are getting stuck in a cycle of comparisitus, below are some ways to break out of it:
 1.Don’t compare your monotonous with someone’s fabulous

The next time you start to feel envious about someone else’s life, remember you’re only being exposed to an edited version of their story. Maybe you’re not seeing what’s behind the mask. Maybe, beyond the photoshopped version of their lives, they are feeling unfulfilled in their career, relationship or family life.

The parts that you’re exposed to may only be what they want you to see and not a direct reflection of their reality. Instead of beating yourself up with comparisitus, keep in mind that you may not be seeing the whole truth.

2.See both sides of the story

It’s can be easy to only see one side of the story, maybe you see a famous person and think ‘I’d love to be famous’ but would you really enjoy having to sacrifice your privacy for fame? Maybe you look at what looks like an ‘overnight success’ and you think to yourself that you’d love to be living the lifestyle they seem to have.

What on the surface may seem like others having it ‘easy’ could actually be the result of years of hard work and dedication to turning their dream into a reality. The next time you find yourself getting envious, ask yourself whether you’re willing to put in the hours of time and work that others have to create the same results for yourself and if the answer is yes, then go for it!
 3.Stop FOMO’ing all over yourself

Sometimes envy stems from having a fear of missing out! Maybe you see everyone around you having weddings and although your content with being single or not being married all of a sudden you feel this internal pressure to have a wedding before you miss the boat, the same applies to having kids, travelling the world, setting up a business or buying a house! Your envy could stem from the fact that you’ve not yet achieved these things and you’re worried if you don’t speed up the process you will miss the race.

The next time you find yourself FOMO’ing all over yourself, remember to breathe and check in with what you actually want. Do you really want a wedding, a house, a baby or to travel the world or are you simply having a case of FOMO?

4.Trade places

When comparing yourself to others remember that if you wanted to trade your life with theirs, you’d have to do an entire swap. You may say you’d love to have a new-born child but could you really cope with sleepless nights and the responsibility of a child? Maybe you want to travel the world, but are you willing to spend some of this travel time sleeping in hostels, being in foreign lands and spending months away from your loved ones?

Maybe you say you’d love to have your own business but are you willing to put in hours of hard work, determination and pressure that your pay check is reliant on you? Feeling envious of the parts of someone’s life that seem appealing to you is easy but the next time you do feel envious, keep in mind that there are likely parts of their lives that you probably wouldn’t want to trade with yours.

5.Appreciate what you DO have

 One of the big reasons that we can feel envy is because we can often take the good things in our own lives for granted. When you focus on all of the things you may not have you actually minimise the good stuff. When you focus your attention on your blessings, you actually draw more good things towards you.

Practising gratitude before you go to sleep every night is a great way to raise your vibe and take stock of what is important to you and acts as a reminder that you are more blessed than you may give yourself credit for.

When you focus your energy on what makes you feel good suddenly you move away from comparing yourself to others and bring your attention back to the ultimate currency which is your happiness.

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