How to deal with an emotional hangover

Many of us have heard of an alcohol induced hangover and probably experienced it but there is another type of hangover that can make you feel equally lifeless, it’s called an emotional hangover, the result of making terrible life decisions or being on the receiving end of terrible life decisions which can cause you to feel shit about yourself the next day.

After crying yourself to sleep maybe you wake up to the agonising feelings of an emotional hangover, fretting about things you might or might not have said, and your life in general (what am I doing with my life, where am I going, will we get back together, does he love me, where will I live) with no painkillers to numb out your fears.

One minute you may feel like you’re on top of the world and moments later you may feel like you’re free falling off a cliff.

Common symptoms of an emotional hangover include:

• Feeling empty and alone
 • Craving attention
 • Feeling anxious, stressed and fearful
 • Feeling heavy and emotional
 • Losing your motivation to be healthy (mentally and physically)

Whether you’ve had an argument with your beau, been laid off from work, attended a wedding and felt like everyone in your life is moving on apart from you or generally had a fuck my life moment its likely it can send you into a tailspin that may have caused you to sob yourself to sleep and wake up with an emotional hangover, aka a heavy feeling in your heart.

If you’ve felt the wrath of an emotional hangover, read on to find out how to deal

1. Recognise it: Sometimes we may react to a situation in the body and mind of our inner child, we may cry, scream, feel unloved and instead of acting rationally we fall back into our old habits, maybe the situation has triggered an event from the past that made us feel a similar way. The next time you react to a situation, allow yourself to sit with the feelings and become an observer and assess your feelings so you can get to grips with it!

2. Journal: writing how you feel into your journal is super cathartic. Pick up your journal and freestyle whatever is coming up, don’t overthink it just allow your emotions to take control of the pen and let out the energy that is bubbling up inside of you. When you have written it all down, read it back and try to spot a thread of where these emotions stem from. Reflect on the pattern for a while. Then breathe on the paper three times and either burn it or flush it down the toilet!

3. Ask yourself what is the lesson? Every situation, no matter how painful has a lesson in it, what has this situation taught you about yourself or the person, what feelings has it brought up for you. Use this lesson as an opportunity to grow by reflecting on your lesson and take the actions to either rectify the situation or learn from it! What steps could you take to avoid having a similar reaction in the future?

4. Move! Sometimes when we are so caught up in our head, it can be difficult to think clearly, we may want to hide indoors and binge watch Netflix with a bar of chocolate in hand but what we need to do most is move and breathe. Whether it means doing a little victory dance, going for a walk in nature or getting yourself doing some yoga just move and breathe! Doing so will allow the stuck energy to flow through you and help you to shift your state from heavy to light!

5. Eat healthy food: I may not be a health food junkie but I do know when I am feeling like crap, eating that pizza or McDonalds doesn’t help me to feel any better! It’s easy to emotionally eat but it can make you feel even worse! Eating light healthy meals helps you to feel more emotionally and mentally balanced! Your body and emotions will thank you!

6. Forgive yourself: When the dust has settled, forgive yourself for feeling the way you do, don’t beat yourself up! Remind yourself that you now have a deeper sense of self-awareness and you’ll be better equipped to deal with a situation the next time it arises!

An emotional hangover is a perfectly healthy part of your human spirit. Whatever has triggered the feelings, remember you always have the power to turn things around. Allow yourself to feel what you do, learn from it and then let it go! Do NOT allow it to cling to your spirit and for one bad day to turn into a bad week, month or life!
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