Too Many Feels, Must List

I can’t keep up with the news, as every time I look down, there is something more horrific to have feels about. To solve this, here’s a running list of my feels:

1. Of course, fuck Trump.

a) But more than that, fuck the millions of people who legit voted for him.

b) As well as the well-meaning white people who didn’t work to prevent this by advocating to their friends and family.

2. Of course, I stand with Standing Rock.

b) And Flint.

c) Cause water is life and brown people always be trifled with

3. I have mixed feelings about the Women’s March because:

a) I, myself marched and

b) I support those who marched

c) Even if they didn’t march for #BLM or any other marches in the past because

d) Better late than never

e) But also, I totally support the many POC who refused to march along side well-meaning white people who only marched now they have a dog in the fight

f) Cause I understand we can’t turn the tide without white people caring, so

g) I accept and wait to see who shows up to the next one

4. The Pink “Pussy” hats are racist and transphobic because:

a) Not every woman has a pink vagina

b) Not every woman has a vagina

c) Vaginas do not equal woman

5. Melania does not deserve your sympathy because:

a) She’s a grown-ass woman of sound mind who speaks 5 languages fluently

b) but Barron Trump is a CHILD, and doesn’t deserve to be cyber bullied

6. I believe in punching Nazis.

a) But technically, that was an elbow-smash

b) I believe in elbow-smashing Nazis, too

7. It is not the job of POC to make you feel like a non-racist

a) If you want people to see you as a non-racist, take non-racist actions including:

i. Call out racism when you see it in your communities, workplaces, and families

ii. Call your legislature and demand accountability for racist policies

iii. Do not make excuses for why you can’t take action

iv. Stop worrying about possibly “offending” people or being labeled a crazy liberal

v. Remember that POC offend plenty of white people by simply existing

vi. Ask questions if you don’t understand why POC feel the way they do while being respectful and

vii. NEVER whitesplain

8. I’m scared people will become complacent

a) This shit is NOT normal

b) The human psyche loves homeostasis and will normalize completely abnormal shit to feel normal because

c) People are more accustomed to not having to think and feel this much on a daily basis or

d) Live with this kind of fear, so it’s easier to normalize it, so

e) Stay scared

9. Don’t go after Kellyanne Conway for aging like a human being

a) Go after her for being a blatant fucking liar

10. Chrisette Michele?

a) Fuck your dumb poem, you know what you did