As we know betting on horse racing or horse betting is like a lift, sometime it works, but sometime it’s not and each type of betting has its own strategies to win and only those knows these game plans that bets and wins. If you have all betting knowledge and want to try your luck, you should go for Breeders Cup.

Types of Betting in Single Race

Racetracks contain their own world of betting in itself and amount of options about horse betting. Mainly types of bets can be categorized into two terms Straight Bets and Exotic Bets

A. Straight Bets

Betting directly on horses according to their winning probability is known as Straight Wagers. It can be also categorized into further three categories Win, Place and Show.

  1. Only if the horse wins the race on which you have placed your bet, you will be pay out.
  2. Place bet will pay out you, if your horse finishes first or second position.
  3. Same like place bet, if your place bet horse finishes first, second or third, you will be pay out for your bet.

B. Exotic Bets

Placing your finishers in an order of finish and also in a single race will makes you wins this bet. Generally, these bets end with “cta” like Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta.

  1. When your top finishers end the race in exact order, “Exacta” bet is placed. There may be different possible outcomes in an exacta box. For example if you can’t decide who will win from #1 and #2 in a correct order, you can bid for $2 in a order of 1–2 in one exacta box and also can bid of 2$ for the reverse order(2–1) in another exacta box. It will cost you 4$ but your payout will be much more.
  2. Trifecta” is also same as exacta bets but the quantity of top finishers in order set is increased. It needs three finishers in the exact order to place a trifecta bet. “Superfecta” bets require top four finishers in exact order to place this bet. Same as exacta, a box is also available in both trifecta and superfecta.

Picking up of winners from different races uniquely from two to six or seven is popularly known as “Horizontal Bets”. The “Daily Double” is the most common horizontal bet, in which betters bet on the winners of races. Other Horizontal bets are Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and Pick 6 etc. In horizontal bets, the cost of bets can be counted by the number of bets. For example, if you have placed your bid on pick 3 for 1$ and selected 3 horses in each. Then total cost of your bid will be 27$(3*3*3 multiplied by 1$ = 27$).