Drug catapult found attached to Mexican side of US border fence

There was a catapult attached to the boarder wall with 47 pounds of marijuana nearby. This happened near the town of Agua Priesta where it is not uncommon to see drug shooting devices. Attention was brought to the area when men started to run away from the patrolling agents as they approached.

NYPD launches investigation after video purportedly shows officer using stun gun on teen who says she is pregnant

Police say that after 17–year-old Dailine Rosario sat on her hands and refused to be handcuffed, she was forced off the ground and tased. She claims that she was screaming “I’m pregnant” the whole time and says that the taser was unnecessary. The police were trying to enter her house because their was a noise complaint and Rosario resisted.

Chef José Andrés To Close Restaurants For The ‘Day Without Immigrants’

“Day without Immigrants” is a boycott against Trump’s executive orders related to the boarder wall and immigration policies. They are calling for all immigrants not to go to work, and Andres’ is one participating. The owner has many opinions on the subject of immigration and Trump, he was once sued by Trump for backing out on a food order because of personal offense during his campaign.

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