The governor of Virginia will be speaking at the university.

He will begin speaking at 7 p.m.

Although he does not look his age, Gov. Terry McAuliffe is 56 years old.

Exercise 3.3

  1. He was charged with trafficking in drugs.
  2. The Rev. Billy Graham said God was alive and his will would triumph.
  3. The flag, which Francis Scott Key saw, has been preserved.
  4. lifelike, outfielder, interracial and IOUs
  5. Pianos, nationwide, PTA and Vietnam War
  6. The train will arrive at 12 p.m. Tuesday.
  7. The U.S. Census Bureau defines the South as a 16-state region.
  8. The judge ruled that because of his verbal skills, he had entered into a oral contract.
  9. She had an afternoon snack of some Oreos and Coke.
  10. Harass, accommodate, weird and likable
  11. Doughnut, pantsuit, plow and National Weather Service

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