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ex 11. 1 “department head leaves” pg 249

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The Christian’s duty in the field of persuasion

How much does advertising actually affect us, and what can we do with that information?

The Persuaders begins with showing the colorful busyness of Times Square. This scene is not unfamiliar to me; I’ve been there several times in person. However, a new perspective was elaborated on in the video that I’ve never considered. Billboards are one of the most iconic elements of Times Square. They have been so immersed into the culture of this area that they almost seem like decorations, a part of the experience. …

Waffle House employees get into intense brawl

A four minute video of waffle house employees fighting has gone viral. They were yelling threats and obscenities and fighting behind the counter. One witness said that the fight was started by one woman asking the other to move out of her way.

Michigan high school athlete dies after collapsing at tryout

Xavier Carter was trying out for the basketball team when his heart stopped and he collapsed. Although we don’t know the cause of this problem, his aunt said that he has been ‘feeling run down this month’. He passed away the next morning.

Joint operation: Indian cops blame rats for missing marijuana

A warehouse of marijuana was robbed by rats. They have been infesting the stashes of drugs that police have been collecting from smugglers. Around 25 kilos of marijuana and 25 bottles of alcohol are missing.

CNA Entertainment

‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2017: Season 24 celebrity cast and partners revealed on ‘GMA’

Good Morning America announced the cast for season 24 of Dancing with the Stars. This include Simone Biles, Bonner Bolton, Mr. T, Rashad Jennings, and Nick Vail. The winner from last season Laurie Hernandez’s partner will be returning teaming with Normani Kordei.

Emma Watson fires back at critics of her topless Vanity Fair photo

Many people were critical of Emma Watson for doing photoshoots partially exposing her breasts. She responded by affirming her status as a feminist. “Feminism is about giving women choice,” said Watson.

Phil Collins’ daughter Lily forgives him in open letter

Lily Collins wrote a book called “Unfiltered: No shame, No regrets, Just Me.” In this book she opens up about her father’s abondonment and her…


Who: 53 year old pipe fitter from Petal What: accident Where:Petal Municipal Power Plant When: 3 p.m. Wednesday Why: touched wrench to a power line How: installing new pipes on the roof of the plant

Gross Engineer’s Pipe fitter from Petal suffers in serious condition after accidentally electrocuted by power line at Petal Municipal Power Plant on Wednesday at 3 p.m..

Duane LaChance, 53, was installing new pipes on the roof of the plant when he touched a wrench to a live power line, and is now suffering from third degree burns.

Who: Peter McCartney What: exploratory throat surgery…


Chicago Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo leads charge to support badly beaten student

Cubs firstbaseman Anthony Rizzo tweeted supporting a student that was in a coma from being beaten by a classmate. Then he started to retweet photos from the boys school in support of the student, Henry. This lead to much support from Cubs fans as he leaves the hospital and recovers from brain injuries.

Daytona 500 sells out for second consecutive year — with one day to spare

On Sunday the Daytona 500 will show on TV. All reserved seats have been sold out in the stadium, according to Chip Wile. An event to kick of the new season of racing, the Daytona has sold out now two years in a row.

Ex-Patriots CB Will Allen to serve 6 years in prison for Ponzi scheme


In South Sudan, People Are Dying Of Hunger As Civil War Continues

There are 5 million south Sudanese people who are starving as the country is so dangerous that it’s hard for aid workers to help. They have issued a formal famine declaration while this civil war between ethnic groups continues. In December the country was close to genocide and many aid workers have been assulted or expelled from the country by leaders.

This has lots of impact.

ISIS Egypt affiliate: Christians are our ‘favorite prey’

After ISIS claimed responsiblilty for a church bombing in Cairo that killed dozens of people, a video was released highlighting their plans with Christians. Egyptian Christians are being targeted and militiants in the video…

Drug catapult found attached to Mexican side of US border fence

There was a catapult attached to the boarder wall with 47 pounds of marijuana nearby. This happened near the town of Agua Priesta where it is not uncommon to see drug shooting devices. Attention was brought to the area when men started to run away from the patrolling agents as they approached.

NYPD launches investigation after video purportedly shows officer using stun gun on teen who says she is pregnant

Police say that after 17–year-old Dailine Rosario sat on her hands and refused to be handcuffed, she was forced off the ground and tased. She claims that she was screaming “I’m pregnant” the whole time and says that the taser was unnecessary. …

Gov. Tom Wolf grew up in York, Pennsylvania, where he still resides with his wife of 39 years. He attended Dartmouth, University of London, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was in the Peace Corps for two years, serving in a small village in India. Gov. Wolf has a background in business, growing the Wolf Organization by four times its original size over 25 years. His political background includes Secretary of Revenue for Gov. Ed Rendell’s cabinet. He took office as governor of Pennsylvania on January 20, 2015.

Gov. Wolf is passionate about the school systems in the Pennsylvania…

Winter Weather Grounds, Delays Thousands of Flights Across US

There have been over 2,000 cancelled flights due to winter weather in the northeast. Snowfall will hit major cities in the northeast at 1/2 in per hour. This is over three times the average amount of flight cancellations.

Trump Is 2nd President to Tout Unfinished Intel Factory

Trump is upholding the investment into an Arizona company just as Obama did before him. In hopes of helping the economy, this is in support of domestic jobs and strengthening our economy. The factory will be hiring an extra 3,000 workers as a result.

San Bernardino Victims Petition Trump to Fix Health Care Roadblocks

Victims from the San Bernardino terrorist attack claim to have been denied or restricted from healthcare. They need…

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Business Communications Student: Blog posts for JOUR 225

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