We’re having a blast with Slack. Come join us.

May 17, 2016 by MPTA

Here at the Market Profile Trading Academy we like to stay on the forefront of tools to support our trading. One of the tools that we’ve come to love is Slack.

Slack is a communication platform that many are calling an email killer. It’s a form of chat, but it’s so much more.

We’ve used slack to communicate inside our team which lives and works in different states, and now we are opening up some of our slack channels to current and prospective students.

We see it as a win-win. Prospective students can get a chance to interact with us in a proprietary environment and we can keep our heads in one space. Current students can benefit from each other. Our team can keep communication in one space and ensure quality.

What to expect in our free channel for prospective students

  • We’ll discuss the current day’s trade and post some exclusive content.
  • We’ll post examples of what we’re seeing in the trading day as the profile builds.
  • On #WatchMeTradeWednesday you’ll see screencasts as we are building the trade for the day that others will have to wait and see on our blog after the fact.
  • You’ll be in an environment focused on approaching the markets with auction theory, hopefully reducing some of the noise in your life.

What to expect in our channel for current students

  • Everything available in the open channel plus……
  • Instant and direct message access for mentoring questions and coaching.
  • Sharing trade ideas, executions, and management.

Our Slack channels are invite only. If you’d like an invite, contact us.

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