A New Beginning: My First Monthly Review!

The Great Gazoo, what’s with this review?

What went well this month

Despite predominantly very cold weather for most of the month I managed to get out and walk most days. After a couple of years of waffling I finally joined Exist and have been busy integrating most of the tracked services into my life. I’m quite pleased with Spotify which has replaced my ripped music collection for personal listening and allowed me to discover music beyond my budget. I have had a very good month physically, and had a great doctor’s checkup. I have started work on one of my programming projects that has been gathering dust for some time, and this fit in nicely with my writing (exploring some ideas) and getting use to working in GitHub.

I feel that I have accomplished a great deal this month in terms of personal projects: the complete re-organization of the pantry, assisting with the chair recovering project, and healthy cooking/eating. I have had a good social activity month with conversations and meetups with old friends, my YouTube cooking channel, and my online gaming friends.

January Goals

I didn’t create any specific January goals because this is my first month, so I am using some of my general monthly goals, and other things I achieved during the month.

✔️ Create a monthly review template:
Plagiarized BBC’s. Done.

✔️ Create a January review: 
This document!

✔️ Start one new challenge: 
Actually started four — how productive! Started my Grocery Catalogue and Game Story challenges, both set for 30 days, but I would like the Grocery Catalogue to be permanent. Changed the Game Story challenge to 100 days later after thinking about what I wanted to accomplish. Also, added a daily GitHub challenge to start to learn how the repository works, and a Picture challenge to organize and store all my digital photo assets. I’m also proud that I had zero skipped challenge days for the month.

✔️ Think of two new challenge ideas: 
Thought of (and started) the “Game Story”, “GitHub”, and “Photo” challenge ideas.

✔️ Read two books: Finished three. Continuing to read through my George Orwell collection and finished Down and Out in Paris and London, Homage to Catalonia, and A Clergyman’s Daughter.

✔️ Daily journal writing: 
This one was again a real success — 31 consecutive entries.

✖️ Outdoor cat shelter project. 
I started this back in December, and have been putting off completing it as I would have to disassemble it to fix it properly. Will try to finish it in February.

✖️ Custom bookshelf ends. 
I did some of the measuring and cutting, but realized that they will have to be custom built for each shelf, and that I will have to come up with ideas on how to mount them on the ends where I have no supports.

✖️ Obtain temporary contract. 
I had one strong of possibility early in the month, but haven’t heard back. Have been in contact with a couple of my head hunters, but we are in a cycle of cut-backs at the moment.

✖️ Continue Mischieviots testing.
Revamped the player tutorials and did a bit of work on sequel story lines. Tried to get the iOS version running on my iPad, but the Apple-replace-old-hardware internal killer keeps shutting it done. This one would have been a success if it wasn’t for damnable Apple! Also, I have been a bit lax in testing the late game content of late.

✖️ Using the sportcam.
This kind of fell off later in the month — I still use it on occasion, but have no focus right now. Searching for ideas and motivation to get back into it over the next while.

January’s Foci


Finally joined Exist and spent the month getting setup on all the different services offered. I did submit dailies all month, but was a bit spotty for comments. I’m currently using bits from my journal “housekeeping” entries tracking spreadsheet, but I’m not completely happy with the content yet. I’ll have to think about finding relevant content rather than hit-or-miss random events.

Journal Writing Summary:

Achieved an entry for every day of the month. The daily low word count was 300, the high 1076. I raised my words-per-day from 381.5 to 449.6, a 68 words-per-day gain average. January 31st was my 88th writing day. I’m feeling a lot better about my ability to at least put down an initial draft of thoughts quickly.

Books Read:

Down and Out in Paris and London, George Orwell, 4/5 on GoodReads
Homage to Catalonia, George Orwell, 4/5 on GoodReads
A Clergyman’s Daughter, George Orwell, 4/5 on GoodReads

Started Keep the Aspidistra Flying at the end of the month. With the exception of Homage to Catalonia, all had to do with poverty and social structure early in the last century, primarily in England. Homage to Catalonia looked at social structure in the “Colonies”. They all sort of examine the role one plays within the larger framework of society, and how, at least at that time, people were trapped by their economic situation. It was eye opening when you compare it to the social safety net we have today. I rated all of them 4/5 on GoodReads.

Goals for February

✔️ Start one new challenge

✔ ️Read two books

✔ Think of two new challenge ideas

✔ Daily journal writing

✔ Edit at least one journal post

✔ Complete outdoor cat shelter project

✔ Organize my curios bookshelf (make a room you enjoy being in)

✔ Figure out streaming software

Focus Habit for February

Picture project.

I started a challenge in January to do daily organization of all the various digital photos I have collected over the year. My overall goal is to finish the inventory and move the entire lot up to one or more cloud storage locations. I’m also going to try to get into the habit of publishing more often to my various social media projects.

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