I'm very proud of our freedoms in this country, including the freedom to sit down during a song or to not have to follow a certain religion.

I'm proud to have the freedom to protest injustice. The freedom to love who I want to love, marry who I want to marry and sit down with my love in protest during the national anthem.

I'm proud to have to freedom to say this isn't the greatest country in the world, but it could be one day. It won't be until all people are equal. Equal in human rights, employment equality, pay and justice.

Freedom isn't comfortable for everyone, protesting isn't just okay when it falls within your comfort level.

If you're more outraged (outraged at all) by someone sitting down during a song than you are by the social injustice happening everyday in country, maybe it's time to look at yourself and your privilege (or maybe even internalized racism).

There is nothing unpatriotic about asserting the freedom that has been fought for. That is the ultimate reason we have freedom, so we can fight against wrongs and speak out for those mistreated.

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