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A couple of months ago, I was with an acquaintance of mine in a coffee shop. We discussed the usual small talk over coffee, and then she asked me about my long-term goals.

I told her about my dream of becoming an illustrator and finished with “-I think my family hold me back. They don’t support me.”

Growing up, I felt like I needed to be academically successful to win my father’s love and support. He would tell me that I was not good enough or put me down. When he left my mother, his voice remained in my head…

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Mindfulness and routine are more critical now than they have ever been. Before the current crisis, distractions stole our attention away from our work and personal life. Now we are burdened with too much free time. It’s essential to have a routine that promotes mindfulness.

Practising mindfulness techniques allow us to start the day in the right frame of mind. It can also help with greater mental clarity and increase our empathy towards others. Understanding is especially crucial if you live with other people.

When I wake up in the morning, I say a daily affirmation to myself. It works…

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A few days ago, as of writing this, I was having a minor existential crisis. I want to be an artist but hate the fact that I was still applying for regular jobs. It seems logical to want to have a steady income for myself while pursuing my passion as a full-time career, but it was like my soul was screaming in protest for denying it. It’s not the first time this crisis has happened, but something about it was different.

Life wasn’t going great for me before the crisis began. I had low-level anxiety about pursuing my art goals…

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I don’t want to write about the COVID-19 situation much. Since there isn’t a lot else going on in the news I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring. Here I’ll write about my personal experience with the current situation.

The UK went into lockdown on 23rd March. As of writing this story, all people who can work from home are currently doing so. My brother is working on his laptop from another room. He’s employed in a crucial industry and must continue working. My mother manager told her to go home on Tuesday, 26th March. She works as…

Image by the author. You can find my artwork on Instagram @the_neon_wren

It’s been a long time since I last published on Medium. I had a full-time job from October 2019 to January 2020. I also commuted a total of four hours each day, so I had no time to write. Even my weekends were so busy that I couldn’t relax and be myself. For this reason, the next job I get will be much closer to home. As much as that temp job gave me some stability and experience, I’m glad that I don’t work there anymore.

It’s taken three months to re-visit writing and feel confident enough to publish. I…

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I’ve been writing this article on the bus. It’s awkward; I’m not going to lie. It jitters as it cruises along, and brakes suddenly, interrupting my flow. I’m on the same bus I used to take for my old job back in Dec 2018. I worked as a temp for three weeks as a Data Entry Clerk for a delivery company. All I did was amend addresses and confirm that they were correct, so they were sent off to the right place before Christmas.

It was an easy job, except that I was doing it at from 7 pm to…

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I’m 29 years old. To some, I’m young. To others, I am old. The truth is somewhere in the middle, I am young-ish.

Childhood innocence feels a lifetime ago. The last of my teens ended a decade ago. Gone is the youthful naivete and here is the grounded, more rounded adult. I’ve also gained 30lbs in ten years so I’m rounder, at least.

At my age, you’re supposed to have most of your shit figured out. It’s acceptable to mess around for half your twenties. …

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No one can decide your self-worth but you. No one else has the right to say you’re worthless.

How you feel about yourself can influence your progression in life. It has a knock-on effect on your career, your personal philosophy and how you relate to others. In other words, you can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy.

You must believe in your worth before you can believe other people are capable of valuing you.

It’s important that you feel valued by others, but when you are alone you have to believe that you are enough. That…

Miss Wren

I’m an office worker by day, creative person by night. My goal is life is to be a little bit better than yesterday.

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