Colorado State University Social Media Team Talks Strategy

The social media team at Colorado State University sat down with our online writing class today to talk about their strategies.

CSU has come in at the second most engaging Facebook page within colleges. They also carry a strong presence in all platforms of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. It is this strong presence that gives them a strong student and community fan base to promote their works through social media.

The social media team explained how important it is to figure out creative ways to tell stories. For example, their media posts of “I love CSU day” had to be creative if they wanted to pull in their audience. Covering fundraisers or asking for money never goes over well, so they needed a new and innovative way to present this day. They got people to share what they loved and what they experienced at CSU and it worked better than they could have hoped. People love to share photos and their own works or thoughts, so it is a great way to get people to participate and get involved.

The thoughts and advice that the CSU social media team had to share was insightful and extremely helpful. Learning how to develop content that will resonate with fans is the biggest part of their jobs and it is a crucial piece of working with social media. CSU’s social media is a perfect example of how to run social media accounts and what types of media to promote.