A Letter To Trump & Clinton

I keep trying to come up with some logical explanation on how we got here. Beyond every means of my imagination, I can only come up with 1 major component to the voters of our great country. HATE.

Dear Hillary Clinton,

I remember in the 2008 election, I was excited that you HC, were running. I was elated that someone I looked up to as a woman, were showing the world that a woman can be President. Something I dreamed of someday. The key word is DREAMED. Until, you sold out to Obama. You actually could have won that election, but you sold out for the SOS job, in which you tanked. I know most people are tired of hearing Benghazi, and quite frankly, I am tired of the media and SM memes about it from people that have never even thanks a US Servicemember in their life. I however, have spent 7.5 years married to one, and the thought of you leading him into war, scares the crap out of me. You can’t even stand up to President Obama, how in the world are you going to stand up to the worlds elite? That’s right, they give to your so called “Foundation”. AKA, your personal bank account to keep your second and third homes.

Then lets talk about how you actually know my life, before even being a military wife. How can I expect you now, to understand what I am going through, when you never have? You don’t know what it’s like to stand outside of a grocery store, crying, because the bank (that supports you) took your last $25.00 mysteriously, from some mysterious charge that their mysterious math system created. Yet, you have a child with 100 degree fever that you can not afford medicine, for. And then there is the black community. Please… When was the last time you walked into a church in the poor communities across this country, and talked to the elderly black woman, who is living on a small income, in a house that is boarded up?

So, the only reason I see that anyone is voting for Trump, and not you, is simple. They hate you so much, they would vote for anyone other than you. How does that make you feel? How do you sleep at night knowing that so many people in this country, see beyond the BS lies that you tell the Press, Congress and Senate while testifying? It’s sick, and disgusting that people like you, sell your souls to the devil, for power and money. You don’t care about me, my family, our military or anyone but you and the people that put you in the position you are in. You are bought, and paid for, just like Obama.

Dear, Mr Trump,

You are that old guy that walks into a bar, and thinks you can have any woman you want. Most of us woman vomit at even the thought. We know your kind the minute you walk in the door. And honestly, some woman are dumb enough to fall for it. Your history of marriage is proof.

I have sat back and watched this from the beginning, and can sleep at night knowing, I had no part in this. From the beginning, I have believed that you never had intentions of getting this far. The only reason you are in this in the first place, is simply to make sure your buddy, wins.

It has astonished me, how this is not obvious to 50% of the country voting for you. You’re as much of a plant, as she is. What other logical reason could it be that, a man can be such a disgusting example of what our country is, and still have a shot?

Is our country so far gone, that we have resorted to a vial and disgusting pig who talks about woman, like they are bought off of a shelf at Macy’s? Then lets not forget that you are backing a Russian President, who is helping to assist in GENOCIDE. Everything that comes out of you mouth only resorts back to 1 thing, you’re a fake that was only put there because everyone else, could have won against Hillary.

As a mother of a teenager, you disgust me. If any man ever talked about my daughter the way you talk about women, momma bear would give you a reason to cry. We are not “locker room” talk. Why is it that pigs like you think that we are disposable, and that we as women, should be OK with it because “guys are guys”? NO, its not OK to talk about us that way. It is wrong in every aspect.

I am far from the prude type but you are disgusting and any man who talks like this about women, is just as disgusting. Everything about you, is disgusting.


Thank you for f’ing up our entire country. Thank you for being so blinded by hate for one party, that you would rather sink America with fraud, then vote for logic. We had other great candidates. Yet, why are we not protesting in the streets that they were screwed from the beginning? How did this happen?

That’s right, because America is not smart enough to research anymore. You think that a meme on Facebook is your source of education. Give me a break. we have libraries and CSPAN. But, you are glued more, to Pokemon Go, as an ADULT, then you are the fate of our very life.

Stop and think about what you are actually doing. You hate one side so much, that you are willing to compromise the entire Republic and World, for it? You are willing to vote for a man who praises Putin and Assad, then sitting back and realizing that neither party cares about you.

You are willing to vote for a woman who has broken so many laws, that it’s a joke now. A DOD contractor was thrown in jail for putting classified emails in his house. How is this OK,but Clinton gets a free pass? You are about to vote for the highest level of treason in America.

Let’s all take a step back and logically think about the future of our country. This is not a reality show folks, this is our lives, our country and our future.

Vote 3rd party.