This is why I support a SAG-AFTRA strike authorization for video games — and it isn’t about money.
Wil Wheaton

I doubt most people understand the intense nature of voice recording.
Unlike a film shoot where things are tense, but there’s often breaks, and it’s never a two hour monologue (egads can you imagine putting that on the punters). In voice work, the resets are very fast, and if done solo there are no respites.
We’re not talking a typist stretching fingers over a keyboard, and reaching for a coffee. Try hitting you mouse button like you were on your favourite shooting video game — non-stop ..tappa tappa tappa. for two hours, eight hours, for a month. RSI much?

SAG may be difficult. annoying. complex. and apparently absent. but clearly someone has to protect the talent. And as you say Wil — one persons moment of thought, can be an ahole directors last straw. It simply needs to be negotiated more clearly. If history has shown us one thing it is that the upper echelons of recording industries are notoriously fickle when cash and talent are on the line.

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