Instagram Stories copied Snapchat, Yes! — But I think this is a game changer.

The giant has entered the room…

Instagram Stories is a new feature that allows you to pop in a stream of photos and/or videos that expire after 24 hours just like Snapchat, but this lives at the top of your newsfeed, feel free to follow my headwear brand’s story to see how it works — We’re currently showcasing some designs from our new Heritage Collection.

Instagram essentially replicated the whole idea of Snapchat Stories without changing any features. Everything from the way you create your stories, to how you search through is clearly influenced by Snapchat and it’d be senseless to say they’ve not copied the idea from Snapchat.

My issues with snapchat:

a) While millennials happily use Snapchat with relative ease, the older generation — every now and again whine about having no clue how to use the somewhat complex interface.

b) Lack of the sense of community and ability to discover new people to follow and get followed by, from all over the world without prior knowledge of their username.

This is where Instagram will win big — I predict this change (albeit copied) will catapult Instagram to the next level. Instagram will become the number one, go-to mobile based social media app in the next 12 months. Mark my words!

Instagram have simplified their Stories interface with on screen insights on how to use it, plus well labelled buttons like the ‘send message’ button which is just in front of you rather than having to swipe up as you would on Snapchat. Furthermore Instagram Stories have almost all the same drawing and doodling features you’d find on Snapchat. With far less clutter which makes it easy to share your photos and videos to your Instagram story.


My prediction of huge success for Instagram following this new (copycat) move of launching Instagram Stories is based on the fact that the giant has entered the room and we all have no choice other than to play cool or else we’d get our backsides kicked in. Ha!

On a serious note, picture this: Instagram has a powerful status in today’s social world already, with a network of people actively engaging with each other via the app, there’s a great sense of community and it also has the ability to help you discover new and interesting profiles to follow, photos to like, and now stories to consume and engage with.

I am keen to peek into the lives of some of the folks I follow on Instagram. Unlike my snapchat where I know almost everyone on my followers list (barring a few that added me recently following a facebook ad campaign), Instagram is the direct opposite, very few friends and plenty of well wishers, customers, fans, and like minded people (#KVNation).

It’s still early doors but I have been playing around with the Instagram Stories feature and so far, it’s produced better reach for me than Snapchat, with slightly less engagement as I haven’t used any clear CTA yet. Having said that I will continue to grow my Snapchat account, and share some of the same content on both platforms.

Test, Test, Test! This is key.

At first I thought why the hell would Instagram steal Snapchats core concept of sharing stories that last 24 hours? But now, having tested it out and looked at the bigger picture, I am glad they did!

Have you tried Instagram Stories out yet? Please share your thoughts with me.