Mist Collector Manufacturer Supports A Clean And Healthy Workplace

Living and working in an environment which is clean, healthy and safe is what we always wish for, but in reality, this is not what we experience. The IT sector to some extent have maintained a safe workplace to its employees, however, the industrial and manufacturing sectors have a tough time in sustaining a clean, green environment. Well, most of the industrial and manufacturing process involves, heating, welding, soldering work which emanates dust, heat and oil mist. This affects the health of the employees and the machines installed. The employees on constant exposure get affected by serious health disorders such as breathing issues, respiratory problem, Asthma, cancer etc. This leads to regular absenteeism of employees and reduces their productivity level which in turn decreases company’s growth and progress. Therefore to overcome such issue, MistcollectorIndia has come up with an optimum solution to eliminate dust and other contamination from the work area and provide a clean, breathable air to the employees.

Mist Collector Manufacturer provide best Mist Collectors in India

The Mist Collector Manufacturer have provided groundbreaking equipment which can effectually absorb fume; dust and oil mist from the workplace and filter out the pollutants thus promising better health and a safe work environment to the employees. The mist collector by the Mist Collector Manufacturer adopts the simple mechanism to eliminate the contaminations. It pulls the air from the workplace through a pipe and filters it through two-step filtration process. In the first filtration process large droplets of oil and dust get trapped and in the second filtration process, small droplets of dust and oil which escape in the first stage is trapped here. Using the principle of electrostatic precipitation, the dust and oil mist are ionized and drained through the drain pipe, thus providing a clean and a safe breathable air back to the environment.

Know the features and benefits of Mist Collectors

The Mist Collector Manufacturer provides mist collectors with good quality filters that are highly reliable and durable and exhibits excellence in performance even after years of service. However, it is recommended to clean the filter frequently to sustain its efficiency and performance. The Mist Collector Manufacturer provides enhanced products that completely cater the requirement of the customer. They are popularly used in the manufacturing process, aircraft and automobile industries. The mechanical process such as grinding and sawing releases dust and oil which get settled on the machine and cause an adverse effect, hence the mist collectors by the Mist Collector Manufacturer is effectually used in such areas to prevent dust and contamination from settling in the work environment.

The Mist Collector Manufacturer by MistcollectorIndia provides mist collectors, which is an oil based system. It is made from quality materials and manufactured with features that correlate with the standards. The oil-based mist collectors by Mist Collector Manufacturer are very easy to install and do not require expert labors to install and it is also very easy to clean and maintain them. It also consumes less energy to complete its task and hence reduce the energy bills. Such comprehensive features by Mist Collector Manufacturer have made a popular choice among customers.

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