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Shaq is the GOAT. Period.

If you wanna gripe about Shaq’s help from Kobe, ALL the other greats had even more hall-of-fame backup anyways, so the “he had Kobe” arguments actually backfire.

To watch him play at his peak, nobody was ever more unstoppable in the game of basketball. Other players ruthlessly punished him with nonstop flagrants while refs hit him with excessive charging calls just because he was such a fast and powerful monster (while Jordan’s constant traveling and forearm shivers were constantly ignored.) Besides the league changing rules while Shaq played (where they never made Jordan face a zone,) the NBA is STILL changing rules around his game for Hack-a-Shaq now even years after his retirement.

If he shot free throws potty/granny-style, he could’ve won 9 championships in a row while averaging 50 a game. But dude didn’t wanna look like a fool.G