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The f’n Pats are so detestable in so many ways, but it’s hard to love the game of football and not reluctantly admire the mad genius of their brilliant (if not also surly, disloyal, cold and cheating) coach.

So I reserve all my true ire for their completely overrated QB Tom Brady, who is effectively the Keanu Reeves of the league — a lucky bumpkin who’s stumbled into the greatest system in the league to make his mediocre skills shine.

If Brady’s so brilliant, please see the sterling record of Bledsoe before him, and then replacements Matt Cassell and now these two new doofs who all continue to win at the same level as this alleged “greatest QB of all time,” one who has only ever completed a single pass for over 20-yards amongst the hundreds he’s thrown in his many Super Bowls.

To be clear, Brady isn’t bad, but he’s hardly the driving force behind Pats dynasty. Manning loses a season, and Colts get one win that year. Brady loses a season, and Pats still get double-digit victories.

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