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This article really misses some huge points in the overall narrative of the Ghostbusters’ reboot:

  1. Feig/McCarthy/Wiig NEVER had prior success with PG-13 fare, only R-rated comedies — let alone mega-budget sci-fi — so their comps in that regard all go out the window.
  2. Not getting an open in China is one of the biggest reasons the film won’t make its budget back.
  3. However, the subsidiary merchandising of Ghostbusters is something that distinguishes this franchise from others. Some Sony execs have claimed the box office was always mitigated by its strength with toys, clothes, etc. Though I guess that still didn’t do well enough for a number 2.

These Ringer articles have some great potential and interesting premises foiled by half-assed execution, not unlike your average summer blockbuster.

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