Since I’m also looking to buy a new computer (see how I already say computer, instead of Mac?)
Manuel Auer

I couldn't advise you to make the switch, as it is a personal decision that may vary greatly from one person to another. Final Cut is impossible to replace. It is vastly superior than any other video editing software available, and if you rely heavily on it, switching over could impose a problem.

I've never been a fan of iCloud and kicked it to the curb pretty much since the day it came out. I've always tried to keep my data with as least attachments as possible, avoiding anything that could limit a multi-platform workflow, since I foresaw the day I might switch for the longest time. I intend to keep things this way. That being said, Google naturally offers a wide array of alternatives for cloud syncing, although I personally stick to Dropbox and good ol’ local storage.

Alfred can be replaced with Wox on Windows. Can’t really say how much better or worse it might be as I never had the need for Alfred in the first place.

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