My first job at McDonald’s was my first experience with sexism.
Caryn Morgan

Ahh Mickey D’s, it was my second job. It too was also the first job that I experienced sexism directed at me. See all the guys were started in grill. It was hot and uncomfortable especially in the summer, even occasionally dangerous with hot oil, hot grills, slick floors and steel table tops. The girls didn’t want to work back there, even though it paid more. They were offered to be trained for it but were given a choice. Almost every girl went with counter or drive through since it was more comfortable and more “customer focused.” This resulted in a pay gap between the XX and XY people in favor of the XY. My female bosses called me “Sweetie” and “cutie” and even occasionally fondled me when no one was watching. All of this was certainly inappropriate for middle aged women to do to a 16yo, but it was never that big a deal to me. At that age, I ate it up. I fended off the advances of the women I didn’t like and accepted the passes from the ones that I liked or could promote me. I eventually got trained on every facet of the job, had my own set of keys and slept with a couple of the managers. All in all, not a bad gig for a teen. I made good money and learned a lot about how to get what you want in business.

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