To the men who were surprised by “me too” today
Alexandra Samuel

Commit to drinking less at your office party, and/or encouraging your company to reduce alcohol consumption at office events. Guess what happens when dudes drink around their co-workers?

And guess what happens when women drink around their co-workers, the same thing that happens with men. Here is a thing, don’t socialize at work. Work when at work, socialize in a different sphere.

You know that colleague/boss/client who just makes you a bit uneasy with the way he talks to your female colleagues? Talk to him about it. Don’t make us do it.

So you want someone else to jeopardize their job for you? Good luck with that.

That joke you were going to make in the meeting this week, but you wondered whether it was totally appropriate? Don’t make it.

That’s easy, don’t try to be a clown at work, just effing work.

Hire and promote women. Don’t trash talk women in managerial roles. More women managers=less harassment.

Hold on, some women are shit managers. I have had at least two women managers grab my dick while at work. One offered to get me prime hours and schedules if “I didn’t mind using this.” People in power sometimes abuse that power. But more women doesn’t mean less harassment. Even if they run the company as a feminist.

Don’t participate in all-male meetings, after-work drinks, panels, etc. Just don’t.

What if there is no woman available to chaperone the boys? “Please mommy, can I go play with Johnny without dragging sally with me?” I know to most women that all male situations are somehow threatening. Here is the thing sometimes we want to just be around other men, so we don’t have to make sure that no woman is offended. Virtually no place in society can men just gather amongst ourselves without women. Any all male club gets run out of business because women can’t stand men enjoying themselves without a woman to monitor them.

Talk to your sons and daughters about sexual harassment and behavior. When you’re watching a TV show where someone hits on a woman at work, talk about why that’s not OK.

More and more men are doing this. Look at MGTOW. More men are getting the message to stay away from women. The ROI on a woman is simply no longer worth it.

If your colleagues are going to Hooters — or a strip club — explain why this is not ok. Yes it really happens. It’s come up for me in multiple offices. It really sucks being the woman who doesn’t want to join in.

If my colleagues were to go to Hooters, I wouldn’t go either. The wings are not great, the rest of the food is even worse. And we all know that those poor, miserable slaves that are forced to dress in those uniforms are shackled in the back every night while the boss takes all their tips. And the strippers I have dated sure were oppressed making 100k a year working 4 days a week.

But I agree to some extent on going to strip clubs and hooters with colleagues, why would you do that? But why would you want those people you work with to also be in your social life? Sure be friendly, courteous and polite, but don’t mix business and pleasure and a strip club is about pleasure not business unless you are on the pole.