Why “women don’t say what they want”
Kris Gage

People who do this in bed also do it with everything else in life.
They don’t know where they want to eat. They don’t know what they want to drink. They don’t know what they want in a relationship. They don’t know what they want regarding a lot of shit.

God so many people are like this, Sheeple waiting to be lead. They wander through life letting everyone make their choices for them and then can’t figure out why they aren’t fulfilled. I hate people like that. My ex used to ask at every restaurant what I was getting to eat. It always irritated me. I finally asked her why she did it. Then I was even more frustrated by the answer. She said she wanted to know what I was getting to narrow down the choices. This baffled me to no end because I eat really spicy foods and she couldn’t handle them. She couldn’t explain how knowing what I was getting would narrow down her selection because even if it were something that she would want, it would be too hot for her to eat.

Then there are the people who let others make decisions for them and go along. Then only to find out later that the person making the choices, made the choices that best benefited themselves. You don’t say? Color me shocked. When you give over control to someone else, they may not have your best interest at heart. Idiots.

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