Swipe Fatigue: How online dating is failing us
Jasmine Sachar

I recently had read a study that claimed that the peak of attractiveness for women (to men of all ages) is the age of 23. Then I realized, I was 23! I had to get moving fast, this anxiety told me, because I was not getting any more attractive to men, and the further I got away from 23, the smaller my chances got.

I love those charts on what men and women find attractive. (http://www.businessinsider.com/dataclysm-shows-men-are-attracted-to-women-in-their-20s-2014-10)

Turns out men like youth and fertility. Odd that evolution would select for those things in men’s attraction. Also interesting that women seem to like successful men and anything less than success (no house) will get a man kicked to the curb.

And while men do think women around 23 are the most attractive, many will settle for someone closer (yet still mostly younger than themselves) to their own age as they age. Other than the MGTOW sects, most men will eventually marry. So there is hope. A woman can marry if she lowers her standards to the men that she can attract. Over time that will become harder to attract men and eventually women do become invisible (around 45–50 for most). But at 23 there is still time to get a man.

I told myself that my good looks and my perky body had a shelf life like a soft cheese in a warm fridge.

LOL love that line, it’s not totally true but it does have some truth to it.

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