Of course you can have dreams and fantasies, and you can project them all you want.
Susie Kahlich

But demanding that others participate in your fantasy and play their assigned role, with no consent and not even realizing you are living out a fantasy on them, is harmful.And believe me, a LOT of people insist — in fact, one of them is currently demanding the entire world population participate in his particular fantasy of what it means to be the President of the United States.

I’d be interested in how someone can insist that you participate in their fantasies and play your assigned role. I have been in the BDSM community where role play can get real serious real quick. And I have seen people simply drop the role and walk away from one another. That is always the trump card, one can simply leave the person that is insisting.

As for the comment on the president, much the same could be said about anyone who has held that office. Each person that sits in that chair has a vision of what the presidency is, and how they will fill the role. Obama was the cool multicultural intellectual. Bush was the folksy everyday man. Regan was the great communicator. And the list goes on. Trump seems to want to be an agitator and provocateur. He ran on that platform, and is currently doing exactly that.