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Earlier this year I almost married a woman with severe BPD. Almost, because I wasn’t equipped to handle it and her extremes were dangerous to my children.
I’m not sure she if she knows she has BPD, but my telling her now would fall upon deaf ears because this once “very good man” is now a monster like everyone one else in life who abandoned her.

Man, you lucked out. But pro tip, BPD or not once you leave a woman you will go from a “very good man” to evil monster (and probably an abuser too). I saw this with my ex. Her Ex-BF and I got into a physical fight on first meeting because she had gaslit him and made him so unstable. Of course to me he was simply jealous and angry. She proceeded to tell me he was abusive and that she was afraid of him. His reactions to me, easily allowed confirmation bias to take hold, that and she was banging me at every opportunity. Fast forward 5 years and I had been driven to anger and rage by her manipulations and near total parsimony of affection. I could then see where he was at the end of their 3 year relationship. And of course She told everyone I was an abusive demanding asshole. And by that point, I was. Once we were divorced, my life when back to easy and my piece of mind returned. MGTOW