I’m sorry you had an issue with a manager assuming you were gay though I’m glad you resolved it in…
Jess Johnson

Maybe it isn’t the exact same, but the echo is there. There is no exactly level playing field between individual corporate cogs. We all play the hands we have been dealt. Someone will be more liked by the boss. Someone will steal ideas and present them as their own. Someone will intentionally sabotage your project to cover their own failings. These things all happen to men as well. Add in that in many offices, the men are expected to work many more hours and put off their lives “for the betterment of the team” while the women often leave to pick up their kids from daycare on time.

I work in tech. However the office staff (all women) still call me to change the water bottle out and move boxes of paperwork. These things are heavy, and because they work with me every day they know I do what it takes to keep my job. And I can move them with relative ease. I could refuse to do these things which are far out of my job title. But I do them because it helps keep the peace in the office and keeps morale up. Is it sexist for them to want me to do these things? *shrug* Possibly. Is it a hill I am willing to die on. No.