I love this.
Jess Johnson

I don’t get paid for the emotional labor I have to do to just learn and do my job.

No you don’t, neither do the rest of us. Welcome to corporate work. You will be underpaid and over worked for the chance of a possible promotion one day. Or you will work and slave, only to train your replacement before they make you redundant.

a manager make un-PC jokes about women’s roles and having babies.

Yes, and I had a manager try to imply I was gay because I dress nice and have an erring and was unmarried. While I was offended, I wanted the job more than my feels were hurt. So I corrected him respectfully and then mentioned that I was pretty sure that the comment would be looked upon unfavorably by HR if I took it to them. Then I turned the discussion to the low ball salary, which magically was raised.

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