I think most victims of rape/assault/harassment/etc.
Beth Winegarner

I think most victims of rape/assault/harassment/etc. know just how difficult it is to successfully prosecute these kinds of cases (as do police, attorneys, and public prosecutors — I know because I’ve talked to them). Just because they haven’t made it to court or didn’t win in court doesn’t mean the incident didn’t occur.

The problem with not going to court and getting the conviction is that under law the accused are in fact innocent. And to label them as rapist/harassers/assaulters with no proof is very close to libel. To your just listen and believe, ask Brian Banks how that worked out for him.

Or this womans victims.

Even actresses do it.


Stats on false allegations of rape are notoriously hard to gather. Because only those that go to the police can be counted as false allegations of rape. So all of those unreported rapes, could all be false for all we know. Every time a person goes on social media and says they were raped with zero evidence but didn’t report the crime to the police, be open minded but also remember that people lie and you are literally only getting one side of the story.