Men treating women as “less than” with a casual disrespect because they believe it’s simply how…
Angie Rayfield

Men treating women as “less than” with a casual disrespect because they believe it’s simply how things are supposed to be is also a thing, which is one of the points of the #MeToo hashtag in the first place.

True some men will treat women as “less than” just as some women will treat men as interchangeable, disposable ATMs. And for both genders, I recommend that they stay away from those types of people. There will always be people who treat others poorly, so in theory everyone can get in on the hashtag which makes it virtually meaningless. But I suppose if people think they are accomplishing something, hashtag away.

Your response to having it pointed out that there are men that behave badly towards women was to have a snitfit and inform women how mean they are. No one forced you to respond that way, you chose to do so.

I did choose to respond as I did, because there are a lot of men who do feel that regardless of what they do they will be seen as evil, patriarchal oppressors. Because as the Karpman triangle illustrates there can only be one victim in this case that is women, one rescuer which is the position the author takes, and that leaves only the role of persecutor which falls on men. I simply recommend that men understand that the role of persecutor is being thrust on them and they can walk away, which is easiest since they are already seen as the problem.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re going to throw song lyrics at people, you might make sure you actually know what the song is about. The line is not “No woman, no cry,” it’s “No, woman, no cry.” The woman in the song isn’t the cause of the tears, she’s the one crying.

Not a big Bob Marley fan, so I don’t know the lyrics or song that well. I always hear that line and think “Yep. No woman, no cry.” But I will concede that I was wrong there.