Basic income for s̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ parents, now!
Bianca Geburek

I am fed up with being told I do not work enough.

Your article seems to indicate that you pick time with your daughter (flexible work schedule in Corporate speak) over paid hours. That’s a choice and it’s yours to make based on your desires. It’s also why the pay gap is a myth.

I am fed up with being told (by myself as well as others) I need to find a partner who will provide for my daughter and me.

Two incomes do make life much easier. It seem you had a partner and for some reason do not. I am sure he was abusive, all men are after the relationship ends. But if he isn’t helping, you have a stacked family court system to avail yourself of.

I am fed up asking for help from my dad to pay our rent.

How about you get your dad to pay for some skill training so that you can have skills that employers want to pay a good wage for?

I am fed up taking jobs that are not paid what people should be paying just because I need the money.

Should be paid? You are paid by the skills you have and the amount you work. If you have no skills/low skills in an employment sense then you will not be paid much. Flipping burgers at McD’s will never pay what a college educated career does.

More than anything else though, I am fed up with men who take advantage of my situation. Fed up with men who ask me if I want to sleep with them for money. I know, it sounds ridiculous. How could anyone suggest that?

Escorts make 300 an hour. It’s good money if you are willing. But men don’t take advantage of your situation. You simply expect them to give to you and not have to give something in return. Sorry, people outside of your family don’t operate like that often.

But it happened more often than men have actually stepped in and been plain helpful by, say, cooking a meal for us without expecting anything in return. Too deep is the belief that once a woman has let a man into her life, her home, and that once he was supportive to her in some way, the logical consequence is that she will sleep with him sooner or later. May this ignorance and disrespect be forgiven by somebody sometime — I am having a hard time to do so.
And I wonder: Is it really so hard to give? To show unconditional love?

You expect a man, who owes you nothing, to be making meals for you and your kid with no expectation that you might meet some of his needs? I can see a pattern developing in your remarks. “I want people to do for me, but I will only do for myself and my daughter.”

You only get unconditional love from parents and occasionally children. Don’t expect that being a feature of the human race in general. We don’t love unconditionally if we did you would still be married.

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