Why I Decided to Create a Design Oriented YouTube Channel

“It was this intoxicating feeling that encouraged me to constantly keep creating, hone in on my craft, and share my work with those around me.”

Mindful of My Creative Ability

I was aware of my inherent creativity at a very young age. The type of awareness that wasn’t really a choice, rather an embedded feeling that was programmed at birth. I knew I had something within me that needed to be utilized and ultimately shared with everyone around me.

At 10 years old you’d find me doodling in my sketchbook for hours. This was my escape — my way of taking in the world around me and transferring my ideas & thoughts onto paper. No limitations, no rules, just my ideas and an open canvas. In addition to sketching my ideas, I was constantly trying to learn ways of making my ideas more engaging. My goal was to generate a positive and emotional response from friends and family.

Evolving My Ability

Shortly thereafter, I figured out a way to transform my flat sketches into moving pictures or (animations) to truly bring them to life and get the response I was seeking.

One of my first animations paid homage to one of my favorite fight scenes from the Matrix (1999) — recreating a cartoon version of the scene where Neo and Agent Smith have their epic fight in the subway station. I roughly hacked together an animation by drawing hundreds of still frames in MS Paint, saving each individual image out, and playing them back in Microsoft PowerPoint at a high slide transition rate to simulate an animated effect.

The Matrix (1999) Warner Bros.

The result was crude and it wasn’t an efficient process by any means, but it worked and I felt a sense of accomplishment afterward. It was incredibly rewarding to witness the reactions from friends and family members when I shared my animation with them. It formed many smiles and I remember thinking how awesome it was that something I created from scratch resulted in a positive & emotional response from the people I cared about.

It was this intoxicating feeling that encouraged me to constantly keep creating, hone in on my craft, and share my work with those around me.

Surrounding Myself with Other Likeminded People

I have come a long way from the rough powerpoint animations I created in my youth to now professionally designing websites, mobile apps, and other digital experiences that help share and promote a positive message. I have been fortunate to work at notable creative agencies in California where there is a myriad of creative people who share this mindset and strive to do the same.

Having worked in many agency & marketing environments, I’m exposed to many creative individuals that have immense experience in the design industry. A lot of these people are much smarter than me and they constantly share innovative ways of thinking — so I make sure I absorb as much as I can. Their mentorship and insight allow me to garner a unique creative perspective and new ways of solving design problems. If it weren’t for their shared knowledge who knows where I might be today.

Spreading the Knowledge

I am extremely grateful that I am able to make a living doing the work I love with other people who are passionate about their craft and helping others. The way I see it, everyone should have an opportunity to gain similar experiences and the ability to learn from creative people.

Realizing this, I recently decided it was time to give back some of what I’ve learned in my design career to the community, much like my industry peers and mentors constantly do for me. Although quite intimidating, I started a Design-Oriented YouTube channel where I publish weekly content (mostly weekly) to help elevate creative people around the globe.

I have a voice, a small voice — and this is an avenue where I can utilize it to communicate design related tips & tricks and advice that can positively benefit those willing to learn. Although I’m not the best designer out there by any means, I know I can still provide some level of insight and education.

This channel allows me to generate positive discussion in the creative community, motivate & inspire others, stay on top of emerging technologies, and discover many other creative people that bring value to the world.

Thanks for reading!