Where are your statistics?
Sand Farnia

Hey Sand, I didn’t know there was a connection between your articles. So I’m commenting as an outsider on your battle.

My comment is that you and he are speaking about two totally different topics. It sounds the same, but it’s really not.

I lived your article and really appreciated the insights, but your focus while superficially similar isn’t his focus. I know that because while I can see how you can be in conflict, I also don’t enjoy both articles with the same thoughts in mind.

When I real the other authors article I related to myself, not to others. It was article that spoke to me and my lifestyle choices, what I can do if I make different spending decisions etc. I have no family, just my partner and I and we are rebooting our lives, so we make the minimums here in Canada and together we do better than many others we know because we do the things mentioned in the other article.

What he is saying isn’t dismissive of what you are saying is my point. If he made it appear that way, then he is only fooling himself and not anyone like me that can read your message separately and get the meaning and value intrinsic in your words.

BTW I’m sorry to hear about your mother, she sounds like she worked hard for her children and family. It is always sad to hear how hard life is in the US, while we live in relative security and safety in Canada. With all the money made by US companies and then spent on defence, I wish you guys had just a little more spent on social services and basic education.

All the best and congratulations on turning out alright, because you definitely has a rough start and looks like you turned that Milk into Butter alright; in my family that was my father ☺

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