Hi Talia,
Craig Sullivan

I think you and the ‘dick heads' (does no one else see the irony behind applying that label?) have contributed the most. Good on you for sharing your story. You have loads of valid points that I’ll be keeping in my Evernote ;)

Also I lived in the UK and I can tell you, being from Canada that there is fewer well trained managers here. Firing is really common, even though it’s so expensive and the issues are often easily fixed. I’ve watched too many good people get fired for small reasons that were easily corrected.

I’m working somewhere that will likely fire a couple employees that only require some coaching, patience and understanding from management. They often ask me for feedback and I try to coach them on how I’d go about improving my workplace experience. No one else seems to care and I can’t no try to help (usually the source of my problems in life too).

Most people fired in my 20 years of experience are not people unwilling to do a good job, often they are our most passionate employees and that’s the saddest part, don’t you think?


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