Confessions of a $20K bootcamp graduate. (Hack Reactor)
NoriMaki Arare

I will say this almost all education is ‘trump’-ed up baloney. They promise many things and are not at all accountable to those promises. I did an online accounting course at my local technical college (SAIT) and their program included only email responses once a day and hours later, curriculum that was 100% supplied by the book publisher and lastly zero discussion around questions assigned and zero access to solutions to questions so we didn’t even know if we got a question right or wrong at any time. It was a total joke and ALL educational institutions I’ve ever witnessed or experienced are the same. I’ve never seen anything to suggest this is not completely normal — education is like religion, an idea filled with promises that no one has any way of fulfilling and the buyer has no way of evaluating the value. It’s bullshit from start to finish, Reactor is probably no different and why should it be different, when the system works.