glass of milk
Your Ultimate Guide For Waking Up Early
Zdravko Cvijetic

Milk is really bad man. Sorry but that’s actually a total no no for a few reasons.

  1. Sadly I tried to find the word in Google, but I couldn’t, but I wanted to include this point as well. There is a mucus type substance in Milk that costs the stomach and it affects digestion. Bad.
  2. Calcium and lactose are hard to digest and actually drinking milk before bed is a bad bad habit that we started due to milk lobbyists commercials from I believe around the 60s. Great campaigns, but bad bad idea for quality of sleep regardless of your disposition on whether milk is healthy or not.
  3. Why? I’m sorry but honestly why milk? Because you have been programmed to have it before bed? With so many alternatives and such a quality article you chose to undermine your whole column with one of your weakest choices?

Great article otherwise, but I’d tweak it by removing the milk comment and if you do feel free to delete my comment then too. I don’t want to distract from a very good article otherwise.

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